A Message From Our Principal

Welcome to ESP, the best small public school in Los Angeles! We are excited to offer this website so you can stay connected, because that’s what ESP is all about – the connection between students and teachers, school and family, our community and the world. Use the resources here to help get the most out of the ESP experience. 

The Academy of Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) for Roosevelt High School is an off-site true small public school (roughly 300 students) that provides all students a career-ready and college-preparotory program. ESP is a Magnet-like school without the Magnet application. At ESP we challenge ALL students to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, hardworking, collaborators, reflective, inquisitive, and thoughtful members of our community. ESP is a school that is safe, tolerant, and inclusive. Students consistently comment that ESP is a family-like school where every teacher demonstrates their commitment and dedication to students achievement through engaging activities, specific feedback, and personalized instruction. We look forward to welcoming you to our ESP Roosevelt Rough Rider family. 

One of three schools belonging to the Roosevelt Family!!!

Located at: 3921 Selig Place, Los Angeles CA. 90031

  • High Level and High Rates of College Acceptance
  • Advanced Placement Courses offered in each discipline: English, Social Studies, Science, Math, & Foreign Language
  • College courses offered on site through a partnership with East Los Angeles College
  • Project Based and Constructivist Learning Approach in the Classrooms
  • Access to new technology in classrooms

The Academy of environmental and social policy

​Students will graduate from the ESP Academy of Roosevelt High School having demonstrated that they are:

  • ACADEMICALLY PREPARED for a highly skilled career and /or admission to a four-year college/university by meeting state standards in core subject areas and meeting or exceeding the A-G requirements. To this end we have incorporated elective coursework into our students schedules that includes geography, geology and environmental science.
  • ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS in and around the Boyle Heights and Lincoln communities, through service learning opportunities, outdoor educational programs, internships at local agencies, and/or involvement with civic groups and community based organizations.
  • ECOLOGICALLY AWARE of the local region's social and natural systems and history, as evidenced in outdoor educational program and elective coursework/research.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVERS who "think globally and act locally" to increase social justice and sustainability, as evidenced in culminating projects and student portfolios. 


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Congratulations to our families who enrolled during our priority enrollment window on or before December 10th of 2013!