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"There ia an irreducible body of knowledge that all students should know, including how the Earth works as a physical system, basic knowledge of ecology, the natural history of their own region, and the kinds of knowledge that will enable them to restore and build ecologically resilient communities and economies"

     - David W. Orr, Chair of the Environmental Studies Program at Oberlin College

Educating Active Students For A Just And Environmentally Sustainable Future

Environmental & Social Policy Magnet H.S.

 Located on the historic Lincoln H.S. Campus

​ 3501 N. Broadway, LA, CA 90031 (323) 441-4577

          "Top Floor Of The 500 Building"

The Academy of Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) Magnet School is a small public school (roughly 300 students) that provides all students a career-ready and a 4 year college-preparatory program. Because of the small size of our school, our teachers commit themselves to engaging students, accommodating to different student learning styles, and believe in personalized instruction. At ESP, we challenge ALL students to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, hard-working collaborators, and reflective, inquisitive, and thoughtful members of our community.

ESP first originated in 2005 as a small learning community within Roosevelt High School located in the community of Boyle Heights. In 2007, ESP was giving an opportunity to relocate to the East Los Angeles Skill Center in order to solidify a partnership between the Skills Center and Roosevelt High School (ESP occupied the top floor of the building). Within these 7 years, ESP began to thrive and develop a strong and rigorous academic program, which lead to the tremendous success of getting our seniors admitted to some of the top Universities in California. Due to this success and the shrinking numbers within our neighboring high school (LHS), the school district opted to move us onto the historic and beautiful Lincoln High School Campus as a magnet school for the 2014/2015 school year. 

Our Academy focuses on the concept of sustainability by fostering in students an understanding of how environmental, ecological and social systems function and interact, and how civic engagement and political actions are necessary for building sustainable communities. Students here at ESP study our local, regional, and global environment (both social and natural) through thematically coherent instruction across the disciplines. Guided by a hands-on approach to leaning, students will gain and apply academic knowledge and social skills through direct involvement with research and service projects in the communities of Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights and the City of Los Angeles.

Here at ESP we have developed a program that is both rigorous and provides a safe place for students to become who they are. We have high expectations for all students and a process for helping them succeed. In order to ensure that students have the depth of knowledge necessary to engage in social and environmental endeavors beyond high school, the ESP Academy will demand more student coursework in the areas of science and social science than currently required by either Los Angeles Unified or the State of California

ESP is a school that is safe, tolerant, and inclusive. Students consistently comment that ESP is a family-like school where every teacher demonstrates their commitment and dedication to students achievement through engaging activities, specific feedback, and personalized instruction.

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