Lincoln High School Environmental & Social Policy Magnet Program

-Engineering & Architecture (Includes Robotics)

-Arts, Media, & Entertainment (Includes Video Production)

-Business & Finance

-Agriculture & Natural Resources (Environmental)

Career Pathways

ESP’s academic program is designed to prepare students for admissions to a four-year college/university or a highlyskilled career. Every student here at ESP is automatically placed into our college/university preparedness program where students are given the opportunity to meet or exceed the A-G requirements. All students at ESP also exceed both the math and science requirements for all universities, the district, and the state of California by completing four to five years of math and/or science. This type of rigorous academic expectation from all our students helps to better prepare any student for a field in engineering, medicine, or science.  At Lincoln ESP, we also work hard in bringing in new partners to further help our students better prepare for their academic career and/or life after high school.


Here at ESP we also work hard at creating students who are problem solvers and who can think globally and act locally to help increase social justice and environmental sustainability.  We require our students to be active participants throughout their education here at ESP through project base learning, hands on projects, and student presentation.

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As an ESP Student, you will have access to all of the following A-G courses and Career Pathways.

It's not too late to become part of the ESP Magnet Family!!!---------- If you would like to enroll within our magnet program for the second half of this school year or next year, please click on the link above or simply call us. We look forward to seeing you all and joining the ESP family.

100% of Lincoln ESP Magnet

Graduates apply and/or are admitted

into Universities, Community Colleges, or Trade Tech. Programs