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It's not too late to become part of the ESP Magnet Family!!!---------- If you would like to enroll within our magnet program for the second half of this school year or next year, please click on the link above or simply call us. We look forward to seeing you all and joining the ESP family.
Garden Club

​Join the club! ESP clubs are for everyone and anyone looking to be part of ESP's great academic and social culture. There are a variety of clubs found here at ESP and we encourage you to click on the links below to learn a little more about each of these clubs. ESP's culture also allows for any student who wishes to start up a club of their own to do so.  We encourage our students to be creative and artist in their own way. Many of these clubs will cater to most of our students, but if a new club is desired by you, then we will help you launch & establish a new club here at ESP!!!

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Lincoln High School Environmental & Social Policy Magnet Program